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As a not for profit community group, we're always on the lookout for volunteers to support the club.


A key focus of the Clubhouse Moorooka is providing the opportunities for members and the local community to play an active role in the strategic direction of the organisation.  If you have some spare time and a keen sense of community read on.​


Working Groups at The Clubhouse Moorooka

These are specific groups that together tackle key focus areas and priorities as informed through feedback channels such as the recent membership survey.  Each Working Group will work together to formulate ideas, identify practical options and implement solutions, either in the short or long term.  We are looking for dedicated members of our local community to be represented, regardless of skills or expertise.

What's involved?

  • You are a passionate local that is keen to either take the lead or support the function of the specific working group.

  • You will work collaboratively towards the strategic purpose of the working group's priorities and goals. This could involve meeting in person at the Clubhouse Moorooka or virtually through Microsoft Teams.

  • Preparing and/or presenting reports back to the management committee where required - for example, if needing approval for funding, grants or where infrastructure planning is required.

You can register to get involved in as many or as few working groups as you like. We will continue to update this page as volunteer opportunities arise or stay in the know by placing your name on our volunteer register below.  We will contact you where corresponding opportunities arise.


Thank you for taking an active part in developing and improving your community clubhouse!  


Current Working Groups:

  • Gardening Group


Actively seeking volunteers for planned groups:

  • Family experience

  • Shade

  • 10 year strategic plan

Future Working Groups:

  • Sustainability

  • Events

  • The arts

  • Fundraising

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Register

Are you keen to lend a hand? Throw your details on our Volunteer Register so we can let you know when and where.

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