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A huge THANKS to these local legends

On Saturday 22 January we held our inaugural working bee with a bunch of local legends who willingly got their hands dirty to bring to life The Garden Bar. At the start of the bee we introduced ourselves and said why we had joined the working bee. We all agreed that we were there because we wanted to support a community space where we could come together as a community, and recognised this could only be a great as the effort the community itself makes to make it happen. Of course, we also wanted to meet other local legends.

A so a massive thank you to local legends and new friends Bess, Hugh, Sean, Beck, Nissa, Sander, Sarah, Nigel, Simon, Moira, Louise, Luke, Harvey, Courts, Brooke, Riad, Kristy and Cassie.

We couldn't have done it without fuel to keep us going, so a shout out to Botanicafe for the cakes, Woolworths Moorooka for morning tea, Green on the Bean Cafe for coffee and cookies, and Mark Bailey for dropping in with coffee and pastries.


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