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Gift registry aka good donations!

Like a wedding gift registry, except in line with our sustainability goals, we are looking for pre-loved items with plenty of life left in them.

Please note, we don’t need heaps of the following and we don’t want to be overwhelmed with stuff we can’t use or store.

If you have anything to gift, please get in touch, email with the subject line: GIFT and a description and photo of your donation.

  • Goods or services that could be contributed to a raffle

  • Trestle tables

  • Large eskies

  • Gazebos

  • Outdoor kids play equipment (ride on toys, climbing frames, toddler busy board etc)

  • Indoor kids toys that can be easily sanitised

  • Board games

  • Commercial grade wine and water glasses

  • Commercial shade sails / umbrellas

  • Commercial grade chairs and tables (we have picked up some beauties from demo jobs)

  • Gardening equipment

  • Plants for hanging pots

  • Recycled hardwood timber

  • Children’s high chairs, with straps and are easy to clean (no padding)

  • Quality paint brushes

  • High pressure washer

  • Lawn mower

We will continue to update the list


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