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Your feedback is in - explore our Moorooka community survey results

Happy new year! We hope your start to the year has been a joyful one!

Thank you to those of you who took the time to complete our survey. The purpose of the survey was to help our new board to understand what is important to our members and assist us in setting priorities for the coming year.

A whopping 198 people responded to the survey, which is about a fifth of our membership. The community’s input has provided us with a clear picture of your aspirations for Clubhouse Moorooka. If you wish to see the full result to the survey you can view them here.

We wanted to share some key observations with you:

Moorooka Community Survey Results:

  1. Commitment to Long-Term Community Facility: Overwhelmingly, the community has expressed the importance of preserving the Clubhouse Moorooka as a cherished long-term community facility.

  2. Love for Bean on the Green: The community's love for Bean on the Green is truly heartening. This space continues to be a source of joy and connection for many.

  3. Family-Friendly Bar Environment: The feedback regarding the bar environment resonated with us. We understand the need for a more family-friendly atmosphere, and we are actively exploring ways to create a welcoming space for families and children.

  4. Building Connections and Participation: The desire for better connections and opportunities to get involved has been duly noted. We believe that fostering a sense of community starts with your active participation, and we are committed to providing more avenues for you to have your say and actively contribute to the life of the club.

Image: 3 funnel charts sorting key priorities based on all respondents, those with kids and those without. You can view more accessible data through the link below.

Image: 3 funnel charts sorting key priorities based on all respondents, those with kids and those without. You can view more accessible data through this link.

Community Priorities:

  1. More Shade: Creating comfortable spaces for all our members is a top priority. A key initiative this year will be fundraising for more shade. If you have any ideas or experience in grant writing or fundraising, we would love to hear from you.

  2. Space for Kids to Run Around: Acknowledging the importance of outdoor play for our younger members, we're exploring more ways to improve space for kids to run around and play freely and safely.

  3. More Engaging Events and Activities: The call for more engaging events and activities has not gone unheard! We're excited to announce that we're actively planning a variety of events that cater to different interests and age groups. Stay tuned for details!

Next Steps:

We are looking to form some working groups that come together to tackle key focus areas that the membership want to improve, by formulating ideas, coming up with practical solutions and maybe even implement those solutions (short or long term).  Looking for all members of our community to be represented, so don’t worry if you don’t have skills or expertise.

Existing Working Groups:

  • Gardening Group

New proposed working groups:

  • Family experience

  • Shade

  • 10 year plan

In conclusion, your feedback serves as a compass guiding the future direction of the Clubhouse Moorooka. We are committed to work with you to create a vibrant, inclusive, and family-friendly environment that reflects the essence of our unique community.

Coming up:

We’ve a packed schedule of events organised throughout February which will see us pass our second birthday milestone for 2024.

Exciting times await us at The Clubhouse Moorooka, and we can't wait to embark on this journey with each and every one of you! One last thing - we've got a board vacancy for Treasurer if you have any accountancy, financial or commercial skills please reply to

Warm regards,


Gavin Hull and The Clubhouse Moorooka Management Team 


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