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Maude Dreams: a Folk n Roll odyssey - Album Launch

New folk rock album Maude Dreams out April 20th 2023.

Album Launch at Clubhouse Moorooka.

Maude Linn and The TearJerkers' debut album, 'Maude Dreams”

Photo:  Katie Bennett From Embellysh Photography


Step into a sonic folk sanctuary of Maude Linn and The TearJerkers' debut album, 'Maude Dreams” an album honouring some of the most beautiful songs by some of the greatest folk inspired songwriters. 


Embracing the spirit of Gillian Welch, Neil Young and more, these live rehearsal recordings, sprinkled with some overdubs, reveal an authenticity you cannot feign.


Opening the album is a starkly haunting original violin solo by album guest Skye McNichol, it precedes Ralph Stanley's weary plea ‘O Death’, a song that seemingly has no place at the beginning of an album! Instead of putting the listener off balance, it immediately invites an intimate ‘adventure arc’ of love, life and death, told through the band's unique 'folk 'n roll' landscape. 


Maude Dreams, despite being born in chaos, completed just before a band member's medical emergency, and delivered like a hurried C - section, reminds you to cherish every moment, especially your longings, your sorrows, your hopes and your dreams. 


We warmly invite you to join us on Saturday, April 20th, at The Clubhouse Moorooka in the salubrious southside suburb, for the Album Launch/Yani Birthday soirée, (a double delight for those attending). As always with a Yani event, there'll be opportunities to sing along and some fun surprises too.

Head over to our events page for the full schedule.


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