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Under construction

If you've walked past the old bowls club lately, you will have noticed a lot of action going on.

Brisbane City Council are undergoing structural works to make sure the facility is safe for us all to enjoy. This work includes removal or encapsulation of asbestos, addressing black mould in the Main Bar flooring, replacing cracked or damaged ceiling tiles, and inspecting the plumbing and electrical work.

Our team have been very fortunate to have support from local architect James and his team from JDA Co. expertly guiding us through some very fast design decisions and Shaun from All So Cool assisting us with bar and coldroom design.

Who's looking forward to dancing on this dance floor again? You'll be able to gaze up at the brand-spanking-new ceiling. Turns out replacing a few ceiling tiles here and there wasn't possible and so, a new ceiling is going in.

Something's missing! That's right - the Main Bar! When assessing the black mould in the bar's flooring, it was determined that the whole bar, cold room and all, had to go. We wished we could have run tours of this space before it was demolished, because it really was a relic from the past!

Hole-y moley! There have been a few surprise holes discovered while undergoing these works.

As works continue at The Clubhouse Moorooka, we will keep you up-to-date here on our blog.

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